Mole removal

Mole removal getting rid of mole freckles or polyp for clear face

Remove unwanted mole and trace out of body with only 300 baht per spot. For ancient believe, removal of mole on some spot of body can result in greatly enhance in personal life and fortune.

Different of Mole Freckles and Polyp

Mole is black spot which can be found on body and face. Some patient dislike mole because of believe that mole cause bad fortune to them.

Freckles (Seborrheic keratosis) is a brown trace which can be found on face and neck. It is no harm to patient but it can be seem like not clear

Polyp is is a brown or black which mostly found at underarm, neck ,and eye lids.


Our patient for one time mole removal which reduced half of traces on face. Patient has been satisfied with clear face and no pain for treatment.


For mole removal, patient can do for physiognomy purpose. Please consult doctor for more information with dr sirilak at siri clinic summakron Ramkhumhang road Bangkok Thailand.


The best way for mole removal is to do laser which has no harm and no pain. Patient will be masked by anesthetic over area of treatment. After 30 mins, doctor will start doing laser which take around 5 mins per moles. After treatment, patient can do normal activities with no need to take a rest.