Keloid Scar



  • Keloid is especially seen on shoulder, back, and under ear.
  • Medical process always do by either surgery or non surgery.
  • For severe care as Scar which could not be help by no surgery or injection, doctor recommends for surgery.


  • For non surgery, Doctor normally inject reduction substance continuously 4-6 weeks.
  • Furthermore, Doctor’s recommendation is to put on pressure garment or silicone gel for healing process after  treatment. 

 After Treatment

  • After all, treatment no matter what surgery or non-surgery, keloid stand a a chance to come back growing again in the same spot.
  • Due to scare removal, Laser can be help to reduce redness from treatment .
  • The skin after cured may not be back to the same color as  used to be or may be back with different color tone.

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